Doughnut Shop That Hosted Drag Queen Show Hit with Molotov Cocktail, State Rep. Arrested for DUI May Get Off, Man Charged with 12 Felonies After Raping Teenage Girls: This Week’s Top News Stories

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The following summaries are of events that took place over the past week throughout Oklahoma. Visit the link provided with each story to learn more.

After hosting drag queen event, Oklahoma doughnut shop hit with molotov cocktail

An extremist firebombed a doughnut shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma, early on Monday after the establishment held a drag queen-themed art exhibition.

An unnamed guy wearing a mask, black clothes, and a red hat was seen on camera hurling a Molotov cocktail into The Donut Hole at about 2:30 a.m. on Monday, breaking its front door and causing minor fire damage.

After hosting an art installation event led by drag queens, the doughnut store has experienced vandalism twice in less than a month.

Source: Oklahoma Doughnut Shop Hit With Molotov Cocktail After Hosting Drag Queen Art Show – Yahoo! News

A state statute may exclude the State Rep. Martinez who was arrested for DUI

While Representative Ryan Martinez, R-Edmond, was detained for DUI late on October 26, it’s possible that he was exempt from arrest due to the ongoing special legislative session due to a constitutional provision in Oklahoma.

Martinez can be seen driving his white Toyota 4-Runner with the engine running as officers confront him in bodycam video from the Edmond Police Department.

Martinez was informed by the officers that they had received a call reporting that he had arrived at Patriarch in downtown Edmond drunk.

Martinez acknowledges having several drinks on camera.

Source: OK State Rep. arrested for DUI but a state statute may exempt him – KFOR

Tecumseh man receives 12 felony counts for raping two adolescent females

One week after his arrest, a Tecumseh man was officially charged with raping two young girls.

Cliffton Davila, 31, is accused of raping the two girls at knifepoint and is charged with 12 counts.

According to court records, Davila knocked on the girls’ doors late in October while donning a different mask at each residence. Over 40 Tecumseh residents reported hearing scary banging on their doors that evening.

Around 2 a.m. on October 23, according to investigators, Davila entered a 16-year-old girl’s house first.

Authorities said Tecumseh resident Davila threw the woman on the bed while putting a knife to her neck and coerced her into having oral sex. They said he threatened to murder her if she didn’t remain silent and follow his instructions.

Source: Tecumseh man charged with 12 felonies following rape of two teenage girls – KOCO

Oklahoma prisoner receives a temporary stay of execution

The execution date for Richard Glossip, who is on death row in Oklahoma, has been postponed until February 2023 by Governor Kevin Stitt so that an appeals court has more time to review his claim of innocence.

Glossip’s execution, which was set for November 21, has been postponed by an executive order issued by Stitt, who is facing a challenging reelection campaign. An inquiry for comment was not immediately answered by Stitt’s office. Next week’s clemency hearing for Glossip before the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board has also been postponed.

For the 1997 murder-for-hire death of his employer, motel owner Barry Van Treese, Glossip was given the death sentence. While admitting that Glossip did not kill Van Treese, the prosecution insists that he hired Justin Sneed, the hotel’s maintenance worker, to carry out the murder. Sneed was a crucial witness in two different trials when Glossip was found guilty; he was given a life sentence instead of the death penalty.

Source: Oklahoma inmate gets temporary reprieve from execution – Associated Press

A vote to elect Oklahoma County Jail leadership warden is about to take place

The Oklahoma County Jail may see some changes soon.

According to sources, a vote to potentially fire administrator Greg Williams might take place on Monday.

This occurs as demands for reform at the facility, which has been beset by several problems including 14 inmate fatalities this year, continue to grow.

Pastor Derrick Scobey remarked, ‘Only a fool would not listen to the screams of the people that they are representing.

Scobey is a trustee for the county jail in Oklahoma.

He claims he won’t be commenting on any particular agenda item on Thursday. He’s only commenting as an Oklahoma County resident who is worried.

According to Scobey, in the last two and a half years in the prison, he has seen hostage situations, rapes, drug usage, dozens of fatalities, and other problems.

Source: Vote to possibly change leadership at the Oklahoma County Jail could be near – KFOR

Oklahoma residents renewing driver’s licenses and obtaining Real IDs have a new government entity

This week, Oklahomans seeking to renew their driver’s license or get a Real ID started working with a new government agency.

Service Oklahoma, which the Oklahoma Legislature established earlier this year, assumed control on November 1 after the Department of Public Safety.

When the new organization took over, it was with the intention of addressing Oklahomans’ dissatisfaction with lengthy waits, lineups, and delays when they attempted to get a Real ID or renew a driver’s license.

People who want to get a Real ID or renew their licenses must still visit one of Oklahoma’s 33 Department of Public Safety offices. Both the personnel and the information from the Department of Public Safety have relocated to Service Oklahoma.

‘The real genesis is, let’s let the Department of Public Safety focus on public safety, their core mission, and let’s let Service Oklahoma focus on providing a great customer service experience,’ Doyle said.

The law that demanded this changeover was supported by Oklahoma state representatives Dell Kerbs and Chuck Hall. Service The measure was enacted in May, and Oklahoma was born.

Source: Oklahomans renewing driver’s licenses, getting Real ID now go through new government entity – KOCO


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