Britton District in OKC Hotspot for Business Developments

Oklahoma City Skyline at Twilight

The old town of Britton in Oklahoma City is now a hotspot for new enterprises, with developers transforming the neighborhood with restaurants and a brewery.

The Britton neighborhood, which was once part of the iconic Route 66 bypass, is now Oklahoma City’s newest emerging district. Those driving its transformation are a youthful organization of business owners, neighbors, and passionate parties devoted to seeing the revitalization of interest in this historic neighborhood.

Britton Road runs through old Britton, Cassidy Square, and The Village, connecting Highway 235 and Lake Hefner Parkway. Its neighbors and friends are concerned about the potential economic, physical, and financial growth and advancement of this significant and valuable location in Oklahoma history!

What it’s Like to Start a Business During a Pandemic

It’s one thing to start a new company in the midst of a pandemic. It’s another matter altogether to do that in a market that has suffered for decades.

Elijah Vick, owner of a coffee shop in Oklahoma City’s Britton Neighborhood, said he’s remaining hopeful in the midst of the pandemic. He also has fun by making rap songs into menu items.

“We like to have sweet potato pie latte. We got the Biggie Smalls Breakfast. We got like the vegetables E-D, which is like a Ghostface Killah thing,” said Vick, owner of Brew Brother Coffee Co.

He’s pouring these visions one cup at a time from his small coffee shop on Britton Road.

“Whenever, you know, it first started, it was run down,” Vick said. “And it took a lot of work to get it to where it is. I mean, it was just full of trash.”

Where some saw obstacles, Vick saw a town with a lot of history and tradition and an opportunity to contribute to it.

“I’m a history buff, and I saw a history in it. And I’m like, ‘OK. If I have a business where I can, that’s already a piece of history, then, if I can bring something to the table, then maybe I can make history there, too,’” Vick said.

Brew Brother Coffee Co. is attempting to create their own history at a time when small companies have traditionally struggled and in an environment like Old Britton that has fallen well short of its historic peaks.

“Unfortunately, since Britton was annexed, there’s been almost no support for infrastructure or growth in this area. So, you know, these streets are old and the sidewalks are almost nonexistent,” said Great Powell, executive director of the Britton District.

Powell said that the city’s support has grown since the Britton District was officially established four years ago. She anticipates that the community will resurface the streets over the next year or two.

Powell went on to say that developers like Vick are beginning to take a look at the district and that inevitably is a very good thing.

List of Businesses That are Part of The Britton District

The Britton District is an organization dedicated to the revitalization and their current list of members includes the following businesses.

  • 89th St. OKC
  • Central Glass
  • Venn Pizza
  • Britton Feed & Seed
  • Rick’s House of Fire
  • Owl Court
  • Tusnua Lawn & Landscape
  • MCK, LLC
  • Variety Care
  • CBRE
  • First Liberty Bank
  • Willow Run Apartments
  • Consul Properties
  • EDC Land Company, LLC
  • Zero Tolerance Coffee
  • Hideout Art
  • HSE Architects
  • John Marshall Square
  • 66 Beltline Properties
  • Commercial Oklahoma, Inc.
  • ND Foods
  • New Leaf
  • Evolve Fitness
  • KC Millworks

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