Julius Jones Support Group Marches to Fight for Justice for the Death Row Inmate

Prison Bars

A crowd gathered in Oklahoma City on Monday morning for a march in support of death row prisoner, Julius Jones.

The gathering took place at 8 a.m. at Tabernacle Baptist Church, which is located near Northeast 36th Street and MLK Boulevard. They marched to the Evangelistic Baptist Church of Christ, which is across the street from Jones’ commutation hearing.

The hearing took place in Oklahoma City on Monday. Jones, his family, and his friends believe that he is not guilty of murdering Edmond businessman Paul Howell in 1999.

Jones was hanging out at his parents’ house in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on the evening of July 28, 1999. Jones, his elder brother, and his younger sister were having a normal night of fun and humorous banter. His mother was getting ready to drive him and his elder brother to work.

Paul Howell, eight miles away in the Edmond suburbs, had just returned from an evening of school shopping with his two children and sister. As Howell drove into his parent’s driveway, he was approached by a young black guy wearing a red bandanna and brandishing a pistol, demanding that he hand over the keys to his 1997 Suburban.

Jones’ life will never be the same after what occurred next as he was found guilty of the murder and, ever since, has spent his time behind bars as a death row inmate.

The Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board will examine his case after the commutation hearing. If Jones’ commutation request is accepted, it will be sent to Governor Kevin Stitt, who will either grant or reject it.

A website, Justice for Julius, has been created to help raise awareness.

Click here to read The Terrifying Case of Julius Jones.

Justice for Paul Howell

As with any story, there is always more than one side and before deciding on anything, it would be wise to have as much information as possible.

Oklahoma’s News 4 put out a news story about Paul Howell’s family speaking for the first time since his murder. KFOR OKC does a wonderful job getting information out for Paul Howell’s family.

If you would like to learn more about Paul Howell, you can visit the website Justice for Paul Howell at:

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