Lease2OwnAmerica to Spend $140 Million on Buying Houses in OKC

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Lease2OwnAmerica is coughing up $140 million to buy houses that they can then rent to people on a rent-to-own agreement.

The Oklahoma City-based firm currently operates in Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Kentucky, with plans to expand further. The capital injection will be used to buy approximately 800 assets.

Swiss American Partners, a private equity group, said it will invest in Titan SAP I LLC, a special-purpose investment vehicle of Titan Real Property LLC, the parent company of Lease2OwnAmerica, which has offices at 3431 N MacArthur Blvd., to join “stakeholders betting on a market-disrupting lease-to-own homeownership model.”

According to Titan Real Property, Swiss American Partners will become a part-owner of the company “after some financial return hurdles are met” and Lease2OwnAmerica extends into Kansas and Missouri.

“This is more evidence that Lease2OwnAmerica is an industry leader, with the IT and data analytics, experienced team, consumer advocacy, and an enhanced lease-to-own model providing an alternative route to homeownership to target audiences,” the company said.

Lease2OwnAmerica describes itself as a “financial technology business” whose goal is to “bridge” homebuyers into their “dream homes” through a simple, compliant, and transparent process. Using a lease agreement as a tool option.

L2OA accepts 95% of completed applications while managing all taxes, benefits, and maintenance associated with their patented lease-to-own policy through their arrangement and integrated online Applicant/Tenant portal.

Joe Tippens, managing partner of Swiss American Partners and managing director of Titan SAP I LLC, expressed his excitement for Lease2OwnAmerica’s 1,000th property.

“With this investment, as well as permanent funding options and an expandable acquisition line, the company is in a great position to target new markets and scale up the business model,” he said. Titan has completed 200 transactions, both purchased and sold, commercial and residential, since its launch in March 2018, with 100 of them involving lessees in the lease-to-own scheme, according to spokesman Craig Clemons. According to him, lease-to-own program prices range from $120,000 to $500,000.

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