Oklahoma Local Businesses & Nonprofits Getting a Boost From Subscriptions

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Sample Oklahoma is a monthly delivery box packed with Oklahoma-made items. Each package contains more than $50 worth of products ranging from coffee to candles to self-care pieces. A subscription can be purchased online at sampleok.com and it costs $29.99 per month. Each month, the net profits from each one are donated to a local nonprofit.

“The neatest thing about Sample Oklahoma is it branches small business owners with nonprofits at the same time,” said Libby Ross, Sample Oklahoma marketing consultant. “Branching the two together is really innovative. It kind of becomes a network for Oklahoma.”

The Single Parent Support Network is the current beneficiary of the box.

“Nonprofits are always looking for that steady income to come in, and this is just another wonderful outlet to bring some guaranteed money,” said Maria Grundy, Executive Director of the Single Parent Support Network.

Chris Barnes and his wife Susan are some of Sample Oklahoma’s newest suppliers, as well as one of the area’s most recent companies.

Last year, Chris lost his employment in the oil business and knew he had to make some drastic changes. 

“I’ve built and designed things on the side for the last 20 years. I was actually in Tulsa on a job interview, we were driving back, and that’s when she pitched the idea to me, you should start your own company, you’ve always been wanting to do it,” said Chris.

Barnes Design was born as a result of the pitch, with their metal and woodworking shop opened about a month ago in Harrah.

Chris is tight-lipped regarding his Sample Oklahoma contribution, but he says it has everything to do with Bigfoot.

The Barnes hope that getting in the box would make a strong impact on prospective buyers.

 “As a new start-up business, especially in the last year with COVID, it’s a great opportunity for us to get our product out there,” said Susan.


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