Bar K Dog Park Restaurant Coming to OKC’s Boathouse Neighborhood

Bar K Dog Park - OKC

Oklahoma City residents can expect a new dog park-themed restaurant, Bar K, to open in the Boathouse neighborhood in 2022.

A massive indoor dog park, a two-acre outdoor dog park, a restaurant, lounge, and event room will all be available at Bar K.

They say that a “Boat and Bar K” ramp would provide convenient access to the Oklahoma river.

“We think our riverfront location in the Boathouse District is perfect for Bar K,” said David Hensley, founding partner of Bar K. “We can’t wait to bring our unique and joyful concept to the people and pups of Oklahoma City.”

Bar K currently has one location in Kansas City, MO and by the looks of the pictures, patrons and canines alike are having a blast. The company also has plans to open a location in St. Louis, MO.

According to Bar K, their restaurants bring together committed, community-minded individuals and their dogs in a joyful and imaginative environment to share connections with their dogs and each other.

Bar K is open to customers who may not have a dog. But you must be a Bar K member or buy a Guest Pass to bring your furry friend in.

To learn more, including acquiring early dog memberships and buying gift cards and merchandise, visit the company’s website.

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