7 Best Taco Restaurants in Oklahoma City

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We recently shared that Oklahoma City came in at number four on a national list of the best cities for tacos in America, so we figured we’d write a post about the best taco spots to try.

Below is a list of Oklahoma’s best taco restaurants based on user reviews. Enjoy!

#1 Chely’s Mexican Grill

Chely's Mexican Grill

4.8 Stars / 30+ Reviews on Google

Located at Park Ave. and Robinson Ave. Check out the menu here.

Chely’s is an up and coming Mexican restaurant in OKC that is gaining a lot of popularity for its dishes. When it comes to tacos, customers rave about the Santa Fe chicken plate with grilled chicken, pico de gallo, and sour cream. The shrimp tacos are another fan favorite and they’re topped with shredded cheese, cilantro, and pico. Finally, let’s not forget the breakfast tacos, served with your choice of bacon or sausage, cheese, egg, and homemade salsa.

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#2 The Fried Taco

The Fried Taco

4.7 Stars / 130+ Reviews on Google

Located at 10th St. and Harvey Ave. Check out the menu here.

At Fried Tacos they do tacos right. They have a wide selection of “fried tacos” to choose from, including their Old Fashioned Ground Beef, Brisket, Chicken, Nashville Hot Chicken, Caribbean Jerk Chicken, Port, and BBQ Jackfruit. Be sure to ask about their rotating taco of the month to see their most recent deals.

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#3 Taco Nation

Taco Nation

4.7 Stars / 40+ Reviews on Google

Located at 17th St. and Western Ave. Check out the menu here.

Taco Nation is a bit on the higher end when it comes to cost, but they’re worth every cent! Popular dishes include Baja tacos with tri-tip steak topped with guacamole, Carnitas with slow-cooked pork topped with cotija cheese, and Fish with Mahi-Mahi and lime aioli. There are also Veggie tacos with pinto beans, Monterey jack cheese, and sour cream, plus the Surf N’ Turf tacos with steak and shrimp topped with chili lime aioli and sweet cabbage slaw.

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#4 OSO Paseo

OSO Paseo

4.5 Stars / 600+ Reviews on Google

Located at 28th St. and Dewey Ave. Check out the menu here.

OSO is also a little bit on the higher end of the price range for tacos in OKC and, much like Taco Nation, they’re worth it. OSO has four vegetarian tacos to choose from, which can be ordered individually or as a meal, and they include cauliflower, mushroom, sweet potato, and fried avocado options. For you meat-lovers out there, you’ll appreciate OSO’s traditional carne tacos served with salsa, onion, and cilantro or the carnitas option that are topped with salsa verde and chicharrone crumble. There are also fish tacos, made with cod, chorizo, with avocado cilantro sauce, and fried ground beef tacos with cheddar cheese, lime sour cream, and pico de gallo.

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#5 Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

Fuzzy's Taco Shop

4.5 Stars / 4K+ Reviews on Google

Located at Johnny Bench Dr. and Mickey Mantle Dr. Check out the menu here.

At Fuzzy’s they have “Primo” Baja tacos, including their California Heat Taco with either tempura or grilled shrimp, bacon, and avocado. Additional fan faves include Fuzzy’s Shredded Chicken , Shredded Brisket, and Carnitas tacos all topped with a homemade garlic sauce. Patrons can also choose the Grilled Shrimp, Seasoned Ground Beef, Grilled Mahi, and Fajita Chicken tacos. For you vegetarian readers, try Fuzzy’s Fried Avocado, Grilled Veggie, or Bean & Cheese tacos.

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#6 Big Truck Tacos

Big Truck Tacos

4.5 Stars / 2.9K+ Reviews on Google

Located at 23rd St. and Dewey Ave. Check out the menu here.

Big Truck Tacos are a hot commodity in the city of Oklahoma City. Customers appreciate BTT’s take on one of Mexico’s most famous food items, such as The Rancher taco featuring slow-braised brisket, sauteed mushrooms, and potatoes. Then there’s The Guardian that has grass-fed ground beef topped with green olives and pico de gallo. The Oki-Wahoo has marinated salmon with sweet chili jicama-cabbage slaw. The Flaming Lips tacos have hickory smoked lengua, there’s grilled beef, green chile pork, and there are two chicken tacos too – Borracho and Rita’s. Vegetarians love The Wojo tacos with white bean dip and queso fresco and the Crispy’cado tacos with fried avocado and tomatillo salsa.

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#7 Barrios Fine Mexican Dishes

Barrios Fine Mexican Dishes

4.3 Stars / 1.3K+ Reviews on Google

Located at 9th St. and Hudsun Ave. Check out the menu here.

One thing customers love about Barrios is their dedication to simple, yet delicious food. Take their taco menu, for example, they feature just four options to choose from. You have the Pork Cheek Carnitas with tamot-chipotle sauce, pineapple salsa, and pickled onion. Lamb Barbacoa with queso cotija, salsa verde, and fried onions. The Carne Molida Taco with ground beef, smoke tomato pico, and Mexican crema kale slaw. And, finally, the Fish Taco with blue corn tortilla, battered cod, apple-jicama slaw, fried capers, and topped with avocado-serrano sauce.

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