OKC Best Place to Raise a Family

Family cooking together - Oklahoma City rated best place to raise a family

When searching for the best place to raise a family, you want to know that the schools are diverse, that there is access to parks, and that your home is safe. Insurify looked at these things in its ranking of the top cities in the nation for young families.

Oklahoma City has been named the best in Oklahoma, and for good reason. Our rankings combined with our low unemployment rates, a low cost of living, a central location, and other favorable attributes make it an attractive place to live. With so many people moving to our city, it is no wonder that we have been named best in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma City is growing rapidly. A new census report shows that Oklahoma City gained 100,000 residents since 2010. That’s more than any other city in Oklahoma. And Insurify named Oklahoma City as a top city to raise a family. This data is another sign of our community’s success.

Source: https://insurify.com/insights/best-cities-for-young-families-awards-2021/

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