EightTwenty Plans 75 New Jobs in OKC

Solar panel in sun, solar company adds 75 new jobs in OKC

A new Oklahoma City-based company, EightTwenty, plans to establish a headquarters in northeast Oklahoma City and hire 75 people over the next two years. The team already includes 35 employees. It will deliver on commercial, residential, and new development solar and electrical contracting projects.

EightTwenty is busy installing solar panels and electrical work. With 250 kilowatts of capacity installed, they have been doing residential and commercial projects in Oklahoma City. They have also been installing batteries and backup generators for electrification of EV vehicles.

EightTwenty proudly completed its first solar project, installing panels on the nonprofit RestoreOKC’s new farmers market. It will significantly reduce the nonprofit’s energy usage and eliminate one of its major expenses. A 15-panel system will offset its annual energy usage by about 7,000 kilowatt-hours.

Source: https://www.greateroklahomacity.com/news/2021/08/24/energy/new-solar-company-plans-75-jobs-in-oklahoma-city/

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